Population of Amritsar

Amritsar, one of the largest cities of Punjab, has a total population of 11,32,761. The population of Amritsar district is 24,90,656 with 13,34,611 people living in urban areas and 11,56,045 people living in rural areas. Amritsar is the second most populous district of Punjab. The decadal change in total population from 2001 to 2011 is 15.5%. All these figures are according to census of India held in 2011.

Population Density of Amritsar
Amritsar district has a population density of 928. Population density is measured as average number of people per square kilimeter area. Amritsar has the second highest population density amongst all the districts of Punjab. Ludhiana is at first position with population density of 978. This figure is higher than the state average of 551 and national average of 382. In Amritsar district, more number of people live in urban areaa as compared to rural areaa.

Literacy Rate In Amritsar
Literacy rate in Amritsar district is 76.3%. This is higher than the literacy rate in Punjab, which is 75.8%. This is 5.9% increase from the corresponding figure of 70.4% in 2001. The male literacy rate at 80.1% is higher than the female literacy rate of 72.0%. The gap between male and female literacy rate is 8.1%. The Hoshiarpur district has highest literacy rate.

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Sex ratio in Amritsar Sex ratio is measured as number of females per thousand males. The sex ratio in Amritsar district is 889. It is 904 in rural area and 877 in urban area. The figures for rural population are better than the urban population. The low sex ratio in Amritsar has always been a matter of concern. With the effors of the state government and the public awareness, it has improved during the last decade but its still low. It was 871 in 2001 and it has improved by 18 points during 2001 to 2011.