Sangrand 2024

Sangrand (Sankranti in Hindi) is the first day of a month according to desi calendar or Indian traditional calendar. Here it may be noted that there are two types of traditional calendars - Solar (based upon Sun) and Lunar (based upon Moon). Sangrand (Sankranti) is the beginning of a new month according to the Solar calendar. The day next to Masya or Puranmashi is considered as the first day of a month according to the Lunar calendar and most of the religious festivals in India like Diwali, Holi, Gurpurab etc. are based upon the Lunar calendar.
Chet is the first month of the year according to Bikrami Samvat calendar and hence the sangrand of Chet month is considered as the new year day. So according to desi calendar of 2023, the new year will start on Tuesday, 14th March 2024. Many readers will say that Vaisakh is the first month of the year and the festival of Vaisakhi is the new year day. But actually this festival is related to the harvesting season of wheat crop. The list of Sangrand dates in 2024 is given on this page.
On this page, we have also given list of other important days according to desi calendar and this information is divided into following sections:

Sangrand in July 2024

Sangrand is the first day of a month according to the traditional solar calendars. The date of Sangrand in July 2024 is 16th July 2024 (Tuesday) and this is the Sawan month Sangrand (Sawan Sangrand 2024).
Desi month Sawan (ਸਾਵਣ in Punjabi) will start on this date. Sawan is the fifth month of an year according to the desi calendar and the Nanakshahi calendar.
Harh, the fourth month of the year, will end on 15th July. Sawan is considered as the month of rain and the sky is overcast with dark clouds throughout this month. It is the beginning of rainy season and people get some respite from the scorching heat of Jeth & Harh months. According to rough estimates, around 30% of the average annual rainfall in Punjab occurs during this month.

For a list of Gurpurab dates in July 2024, check the following page:
Gurpurab in July 2024
Special Days in July 2024
5 July Masya Friday
11 July Panchmi Thursday
16 July Sangrand Tuesday
16 July Dashmi Tuesday
21 July Puranmashi Sunday

Sangrand 2024 List

In this section, the dates of Sangrand in 2024 are given. The weekday and the desi month is also mentioned alongwith the Sangrand date. ;
Sangrand 2024 Dates
Sr. No. Month Sangrand 2024 Day of Week Desi Month
1.January14 JAN 2024SundayMaagh
2.February13 FEB 2024TuesdayPhagan
3.March14 MAR 2024ThursdayChet
4.April13 APR 2024SaturdayVaisakh
5.May14 MAY 2024TuesdayJeth
6.June14 JUN 2024FridayHarh
7.July16 JUL 2024TuesdaySawan
8.August16 AUG 2024FridayBhadon
9.September16 SEP 2024MondayAssu
10.October17 OCT 2024ThursdayKattak
11.November16 NOV 2024SaturdayMaghar
12.December15 DEC 2024SundayPoh

Puranmashi July 2024

The night of Full Moon is called as Puranmashi (Pooranmashi or Punia) in Punjabi and the hindi word for this is Purnima. On this night, moon is visible as full circle and brighter than other days. As this is associated with the rotation of moon around the earth and each cycle takes little more than 29 days, so the day of puranmashi comes after almost 29 days.
The date of Puranmashi in July 2024 is Sunday, 21st July and this is the Harh sudi puranmashi.
The list of Puranmashi dates in the year 2024 is given in the following table.
Sr. No.Puranmashi DateDay of Week
1 25 January 2024 Thursday
2 24 February 2024 Saturday
3 25 March 2024 Monday
4 23 April 2024 Tuesday
5 23 May 2024 Thursday
6 22 June 2024 Saturday
7 21 July 2024 Sunday
8 19 August 2024 Monday
9 18 September 2024 Wednesday
10 17 October 2024 Thursday
11 15 November 2024 Friday
12 15 December 2024 Sunday

Masya July 2024

Masya or Amavasya is the new moon day. Moon is not visible on the night of masya. The date of Masya in July 2024 is 5 July 2024 (Friday). This is Harh Vadi Masya or Ashadha Amavasya.
According to Amanta Calendar (Hindu calendar from Amavasya to Amavasya), the new month starts from Amavasya. So according to this, the Ashadha month will start from 6th July 2024.
The list of Masya dates in the year 2024 is given in the following table.
Sr. No.Masya DateDay of Week
1 11 January 2024 Thursday
2 9 February 2024 Friday
3 10 March 2024 Sunday
4 8 April 2024 Monday
5 8 May 2024 Wednesday
6 6 June 2024 Thursday
7 5 July 2024 Friday
8 4 August 2024 Sunday
9 2-3 September 2024 Monday, Tuesday
10 2 October 2024 Wednesday
11 1 November 2024 Friday
12 1 December 2024 Sunday
13 30 December 2024 Monday

Panchmi July 2024

The 5th day from the masya date is called as Panchami. This day is considered significant in Hindu religion and is considered a special day for some rituals. The Panchmi in the month of July 2024 is on Thursday, 11th July 2024.
Sr. No.Panchami DateDay of Week
1 15 January 2024 Monday
2 14 February 2024 Wednesday
3 14 March 2024 Thursday
4 13 April 2024 Saturday
5 12 May 2024 Sunday
6 11 June 2024 Tuesday
7 11 July 2024 Thursday
8 9 August 2024 Friday
9 8 September 2024 Sunday
10 8 October 2024 Tuesday
11 6 November 2024 Wednesday
12 6 December 2024 Friday

Dashmi in July 2024

The tenth day from Masya or Puranmashi is called as Dashmi (also Dasmi). The Dashmi, which is generally observed in temples and gurudwaras, is the tenth day from Masya. So the dashmi dates given below are according to Masya. The date of Dasmi in July 2024 is 16th July 2024 (Tuesday) and it is Harh sudi dasmi. For more details about dasmi, check the following page: Dashmi 2024.
Sr. No.Dashmi DateDay of Week
1 20 January 2024 Saturday
2 19 February 2024 Monday
3 19 March 2024 Tuesday
4 18 April 2024 Thursday
5 18 May 2024 Saturday
6 16 June 2024 Sunday
7 16 July 2024 Tuesday
8 15 August 2024 Thursday
9 13 September 2024 Friday
10 13 October 2024 Sunday
11 11 November 2024 Monday
12 10 December 2024 Tuesday