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Who is the only Punjabi novelist to get the prestigious Jnanpith Award (Gyanpeeth Award)?
A) Gurdial Singh
B) Sohan Singh Sital
C) Nanak Singh
D) Jaswant Singh Kanwal
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The international border between India-Pakistan along Punjab is known as which line?
A) Line of Control
B) Mannerheim Line
C) McMahon Line
D) Radcliffe Line
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Which of the following Commands of Indian Army is responsible for the external security of India in the Punjab region?
A) Northern Command
B) Central Command
C) Western Command
D) Eastern Command
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The name of IPL cricket team, which is named after the state of Punjab, is?
A) Kings XI Punjab
B) Punjab Warriors
C) Punjab Cricket XI
D) Dabang Punjab
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Do you know the name of HIL (Hockey India League) team having the word Punjab in its name?
A) Dabang Punjab
B) Punjab Warriors
C) Punjab Hockey XI
D) Kings XI Punjab
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Which of the following cities of Punjab is not a district headquarter but is a Municipal Corporation?
A) Phagwara
B) Khanna
C) Nabha
D) Anandpur Sahib
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There is a village in Punjab known as Nursery of Hockey Olympians. What is the name of that village?
A) Kila Raipur
B) Sansarpur
C) Dosanjh
D) Haripur Khalsa
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Which of the following is the largest railway junction of Punjab?
A) Jalandhar Cantt
B) Bathinda
C) Ludhiana
D) Pathankot
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Who was the first Chief Minister of PEPSU?
A) Kaptan Singh Solanki
B) Gopi Chand Bhargava
C) Sital Singh
D) Gian Singh Rarewala
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When was PEPSU merged into Punjab?
A) 1948
B) 1950
C) 1956
D) 1966
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How much is the distance between Amritsar and New Delhi, the capital of India?
A) Around 300 Km
B) Around 450 Km
C) Around 1200 Km
D) Around 600 Km
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Which air force officer has reached upto the rank of 'Marshal of Air Force' in India?
A) Subroto Mukerjee
B) Dilbagh Singh
C) Arjan Singh
D) Arup Raha
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Which of the following air force officers is awarded 'Param Vir Chakra'?
A) Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon
B) Dilbagh Singh
C) Pratap Chandra Lal
D) Norman Anil Kumar Browne
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Which is the largest dam in Punjab?
A) Bhakra Dam
B) Shahpur Kandi Dam
C) Ranjit Sagar Dam
D) Nangal Dam
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According to the Punjabi desi calendar (Bikrami Samat), which is the first month of the year?
A) Vaisakh
B) Chet
C) Sawan
D) Poh
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What is the total length of railway lines in Punjab?
A) 2269 K.M.
B) 1553 K.M.
C) 3187 K.M.
D) 1235 K.M.
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The railway station of Punjab, from where largest number of trains originate, is?
A) Amritsar Jn.
B) Jalandhar Cantt
C) Firozpur Cantt
D) Ludhiana Jn.
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What is the approximate number of posts (sanctioned strength) in Punjab Police department?
A) 32467
B) 45962
C) 61589
D) 93671
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After Independence, which city became the capital of Punjab?
A) Ludhiana
B) Amritsar
C) Shimla
D) Nabha
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