Sangrand & Gurpurab in April 2021

April is the fourth month of the year according to gregorian calendar or simply referred as Angrezi calendar. According to Nanakshahi calendar or desi calendar, the months of Chet and Vaisakh overlap with the April month. On this page, we are providing the complete sikh jantri for the month of April 2021. This page contains the information about the gurpurabs and other sikh festivals coming in April 2021. Other important days/events like Sangrand, Puranmashi, Dasmi etc. dates in this month are also given. A list of govt. holidays and bank holidays in the state of Punjab during this month is also given. In the last section of this page, we have given all the desi dates corresponding to each date of this month.
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Sangrand in April 2021

According to the desi calendar or the Nanakshahi calendar, Sangrand is the first day of a month. Some people think that Sangrand is some festival, but this day marks the beginning of a new month according to Nanakshahi calendar or other desi calendars based upon movement of Sun.
The date of Sangrand in April 2021 is 13 April 2021 and this is the Vaisakh month Sangrand. So if someone asks you that when is the Sangrand in this month or when is 'Vaisakh di Sangrand', then you can inform him/her that its on 13th April.
The festival of Vaisakhi is observed on the Sangrand of Vaisakh month, so the Vaisakhi in 2021 is on 13th April. This is a cultural festival related to harvesting of Wheat crop, which is celebrated in the Northern India, especially in Punjab. Vaisakhi is even more important for Sikhs as Guru Gobind Singh ji established the 'Khalsa Panth' on this day. The festival is celebrated in Talwandi Sabo and Anandpur Sahib with great enthusiasm and devotion.

Gurpurab in April 2021

The sikh religious festivals associated with the Sikh gurus are known as Gurpurab. The word Gurpurab is a combination of the words 'Guru' & 'Purab' (Parv in Hindi), which literally means 'a festival associated with the Guru'. In this section, we are giving the dates of Gurpurabs in April 2021. The dates of other important days in the Sikh culture and history, falling in April 2021, are also given here.
Gurpurab in April 2021
DescriptionDateDay of Weak
Guru Har Rai Ji Gurgaddi Diwas 9 April 2021 Friday
Janam Sahibzada Jujhar Singh Ji 9 April 2021 Friday
Guru Amardass Ji Gurgaddi Diwas 13 April 2021 Tuesday
Sikh Dastar Diwas 13 April 2021 Tuesday
Vaisakhi (Khalsa Sajna Diwas) 13 April 2021 Tuesday
Guru Angad Dev Ji Joti Jot Diwas 16 April 2021 Friday
Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Joti Jot Diwas 17 April 2021 Saturday
Guru Har Krishan Ji Joti Jot Diwas 25 April 2021 Sunday
Guru Teg Bahadur Ji Gurgaddi Diwas 25 April 2021 Sunday

Dasmi in April 2021

The tenth day from Masya or Puranmashi is called as Dasmi (also spelled Dasvi, Dashmi or Dashami). The Dasmi, which is generally observed in temples and gurudwaras, is the tenth day from Masya i.e. Sudi Dasmi. The date of Sudi Dasmi in April 2021 is Thursday, 22 April 2021. For more details about dasmi, check the following page: Dasmi 2021 Dates.

Holidays in April 2021

In this section, a list of govt. holidays and bank holidays in the state of Punjab is given.
Holiday DateWeekdayOccassion / FestivalType
1 April 2021ThursdayBank Holiday - Account Closing DayBank Holiday
2 April 2021FridayGood FridayGovt Holiday, Bank Holiday
13 April 2021TuesdayVaisakhiGovt Holiday
14 April 2021WednesdayBirthday of Dr. B.R. AmbedkarGovt Holiday
21 April 2021WednesdayRam NavamiGovt Holiday, Bank Holiday
25 April 2021FridayMahavir JayantiGovt Holiday

Puranmashi in April 2021

The day/night when the moon is visible as complete disc is called as Puranmashi (ਪੂਰਨਮਾਸ਼ੀ) or Full Moon day in English. On this night, moon is visible as full circle and brighter than other days. The moon takes around 29 days to complete one round around the Earth, hence the day of Puranmashi comes after almost 29 days.
The date of Puranmashi in April 2021 is Tuesday, 27th April and this is the Chet sudi puranmashi. Many festivals in India comes on a Puranmashi day of different months. For example, Bhagat Kabir Jayanti is celebrated on the Puranmashi of Jeth month and Guru Nanak Dev ji's Gurpurab is celebrated on Kattak Sudi Puranmashi.

Masya in April 2021

Masya or Amavasya is the new moon day. Moon is not visible on the night of Masya. The date of Masya in April 2021 is 11-12 April 2021 (Sunday-Monday). Like Puranmashi, there are some festivals which come during the Masya of different months. For example, Diwali is the most important festival in India, which is celebrated on Kattak Vadi Masya. The date of diwali in 2021 is 4th November 2021 and the weekday is Thursday.

Jantri April 2021

In this section, we are giving the complete Jantri for the month of April 2021. It included the dates of important Indian festivals, Gurpurabs etc. The desi dates for all days during this month are also given.
DateDesi DateOccassion / Festival
1 Apr (Thu) 19 Chet, Chet Vadi 4 Bank Holiday - Account Closing Day
2 Apr (Fri) 20 Chet, Chet Vadi 5-6 Good Friday
3 Apr (Sat) 21 Chet, Chet Vadi 7
4 Apr (Sun) 22 Chet, Chet Vadi 8
5 Apr (Mon) 23 Chet, Chet Vadi 9
6 Apr (Tue) 24 Chet, Chet Vadi 10
7 Apr (Wed) 25 Chet, Chet Vadi 11
8 Apr (Thu) 26 Chet, Chet Vadi 12
9 Apr (Fri) 27 Chet, Chet Vadi 13 Gurgaddi Shri Guru Har Rai Ji, Janam Sahibzada Jujhar Singh Ji
10 Apr (Sat) 28 Chet, Chet Vadi 14
11 Apr (Sun) 29 Chet, Chet Vadi Masya
12 Apr (Mon) 30 Chet, Chet Vadi Masya
13 Apr (Tue) 1 Vaisakh, Chet Sudi 1 Vaisakhi, Sikh Dastar Diwas, Gurgaddi Shri Guru Amardass Ji, Navratri Starts, Ramzan Starts
14 Apr (Wed) 2 Vaisakh, Chet Sudi 2 Dr. B.R Ambedkar Birthday
15 Apr (Thu) 3 Vaisakh, Chet Sudi 3
16 Apr (Fri) 4 Vaisakh, Chet Sudi 4 Jyoti Jot Shri Guru Angad Dev Ji
17 Apr (Sat) 5 Vaisakh, Chet Sudi 5 Jyoti Jot Shri Guru Hargobind Ji
18 Apr (Sun) 6 Vaisakh, Chet Sudi 6
19 Apr (Mon) 7 Vaisakh, Chet Sudi 7
20 Apr (Tue) 8 Vaisakh, Chet Sudi 8 Durga Ashtami
21 Apr (Wed) 9 Vaisakh, Chet Sudi 9 Ram Navmi
22 Apr (Thu) 10 Vaisakh, Chet Sudi 10
23 Apr (Fri) 11 Vaisakh, Chet Sudi 11
24 Apr (Sat) 12 Vaisakh, Chet Sudi 12
25 Apr (Sun) 13 Vaisakh, Chet Sudi 13 Mahavir Jayanti, Jyoti Jot Shri Guru Harkrishan Ji, Gurugaddi Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji
26 Apr (Mon) 14 Vaisakh, Chet Sudi 14
27 Apr (Tue) 15 Vaisakh, Chet Sudi Puranmashi - Vaisakh Vadi 1
28 Apr (Wed) 16 Vaisakh, Vaisakh Vadi 2
29 Apr (Thu) 17 Vaisakh, Vaisakh Vadi 3
30 Apr (Fri) 18 Vaisakh, Vaisakh Vadi 4