Desi Month Calendar 2023

On this page, we are sharing with you the desi month calendar 2023. The names of desi mahine in Punjabi is also given. Today's date according to the desi month is given in the next section. The important days according to Punjabi calendar 2023 like Sangrand, Masya, Punia, Dashmi, Panchmi, Ekadashi etc. are also given.
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Sawan Month 2023

According to Hindu calendar, Sawan is the fifth month of the year, which falls in the July-August months of the english calendar. Sawan month is the month of rain and it rains heavily during this month in almost all parts of India. During the whole month, the sky is overcast with dark clouds. According to purnimanta calendar, new month starts on the next day of puranmashi. The Ashadha purnima is on 3rd July and the month of Sawan will start on Tuesday, 4th July 2023. Although the Sawan start date 2023 is 4th July, the date of first Monday of Sawan month 2023 is 10th July 2023.
Due to Adhik month this year, there will be two sawan months this year - Adhik Sawan and Shudh Sawan. Hence the Sawan month will stretch for two months and will end on Thursday, 31th August 2023. The month of Sawan or Shravan is special for the devotees of Lord Shiva and they mark this month to pray to the Lord, who always protects his followers from all dangers and blesses them with good health and fortune. During this month, the devotees go for Kanwar Yatra, fetch water from the holy Ganga river and carry Kanwars on their shoulders to offer it to Shivlinga at their nearest temples. The date of Sawan month Shivratri 2023 is Saturday, 15th July 2023.

Desi Month Name

There are 12 months or mahine in an year according to desi calendar. Chet (ਚੇਤ) is the first month of the year according to desi calendar and the year ends with the Phagan (ਫੱਗਣ) month. The names of all the desi mahine or months according to desi calendar are given below:
Desi Month Name
  • Chet - ਚੇਤ
  • Vaisakh - ਵੈਸਾਖ
  • Jeth - ਜੇਠ
  • Harh - ਹਾੜ੍ਹ
  • Sawan - ਸਾਵਣ
  • Bhadon - ਭਾਦੋ
  • Assu - ਅੱਸੂ
  • Kattak - ਕੱਤਕ
  • Magghar - ਮੱਘਰ
  • Poh - ਪੋਹ
  • Magh - ਮਾਘ
  • Phagan - ਫੱਗਣ

Desi Month Date Today 2023

Today's date is September 30, 2023 and the weekday is Saturday. According to desi calendar, the desi month date today is:
According to Lunar calendar (based upon Moon), the desi month date today (30 Sep 2023) is - Assu Vadi 1.
To know about the upcoming Gurpurabs in 2023 or to know about the dates of Sangrand, Puranmashi, Masya, Dasmi etc. then the following links are useful for you.
The desi calendar of current month is given below. You can click on the Prev or Next link to check the calendar of other months in the year 2023.
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16 Bhadon
17 Bhadon
18 Bhadon
19 Bhadon
20 Bhadon
21 Bhadon
22 Bhadon
23 Bhadon
24 Bhadon
25 Bhadon
26 Bhadon
27 Bhadon
28 Bhadon
29 Bhadon
30 Bhadon
31 Bhadon
1 Assu
2 Assu
3 Assu
4 Assu
5 Assu
6 Assu
7 Assu
8 Assu
9 Assu
10 Assu
11 Assu
12 Assu
13 Assu
14 Assu

The information on this page is divided into following sections:

Sangrand Dates 2023

Sr. No. Month Sangrand 2023 Day of Week Desi Month
1.January14 Jan 2023SaturdayMagh
2.February13 Feb 2023MondayPhagan
3.March14 Mar 2023TuesdayChet
4.April14 Apr 2023FridayVaisakh
5.May15 May 2023MondayJeth
6.June15 Jun 2023ThursdayHarh
7.July16 Jul 2023SundaySawan
8.August17 Aug 2023ThursdayBhadon
9.September17 Sep 2023SundayAssu
10.October17 Oct 2023TuesdayKattak
11.November16 Nov 2023ThursdayMaghar
12.December16 Dec 2023SaturdayPoh

Masya in 2023

The list of Masya dates in the year 2023 is given in the following table.
Sr. No.Masya DateDay of Week
1.21 Jan 2023Saturday
2.20 Feb 2023Monday
3.21 Mar 2023Tuesday
4.20 Apr 2023Thursday
5.19 May 2023Friday
6.18 Jun 2023Sunday
7.17 Jul 2023Monday
8.16 Aug 2023Wednesday
9.14-15 Sep 2023Thursday, Friday
10.14 Oct 2023Saturday
11.13 Nov 2023Monday
12.12 Dec 2023Tuesday

Puranmashi in 2023

The list of Puranmashi dates in the year 2023 is given in the following table.
Sr. No.Puranmashi DateDay of Week
1. 6 Jan 2023Friday
2. 5 Feb 2023Sunday
3. 7 Mar 2023Tuesday
4. 6 Apr 2023Thursday
5. 5 May 2023Friday
6. 4 Jun 2023Sunday
7. 3 Jul 2023Monday
8. 1 Aug 2023Tuesday
9.31 Aug 2023Thursday
10.29 Sep 2023Friday
11.28 Oct 2023Saturday
12.27 Nov 2023Monday
13.26 Dec 2023Tuesday

Panchami in 2023

The 5th day from the masya date is called as Panchami. This day is considered significant in Hindu religion and is considered a special day for some rituals. A list of panchami dates in 2023 is given in the following table:
Sr. No.Panchami DateDay of Week
1.7 JanuaryFriday
2.5 FebruarySaturday
3.7 MarchMonday
4.6 AprilWednesday
5.6 MayFriday
6.4 JuneSaturday
7.4 JulyMonday
8.2 AugustTuesday
9.1 SeptemberThursday
10.30 SeptemberFriday
11.29 OctoberSaturday
12.28 NovemberMonday
13.27 DecemberTuesday

Dashmi in 2023

The tenth day from Masya or Puranmashi is called as Dashmi (also Dasmi). The Dashmi, which is generally observed in temples and gurudwaras, is the tenth day from Masya. So the dashmi dates given below are according to Masya. For more details about dasmi, check the following page: Dashmi 2023.
Sr. No.Dashmi DateDay of Week
1. 1 Jan 2023Sunday
2.31 Jan 2023Tuesday
3. 1 Mar 2023Wednesday
4.31 Mar 2023Friday
5.30 Apr 2023Sunday
6.30 May 2023Tuesday
7.28 Jun 2023Wednesday
8.28 Jul 2023Friday
9.26 Jul 2023Saturday
10.25 Sep 2023Monday
11.24 Oct 2023Tuesday
12.22 Nov 2023Wednesday
13.22 Dec 2023Friday