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According to the 2011 census, what is the literacy rate in Punjab?
A) 75.8 %
B) 73.0 %
C) 76.7 %
D) 83.6 %
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Punjab has international border with which of the following countries?
A) Afganistan
B) Pakistan
C) Nepal
D) China
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The first Anglo-Sikh war started in which year?
A) 1757
B) 1839
C) 1845
D) 1857
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Which of the following is a Police district in Punjab?
A) Batala
B) Phagwara
C) Abohar
D) Kot Kapura
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When did Punjab came under the British rule?
A) 1757
B) 1857
C) 1849
D) 1882
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How many vidhan sabha seats are there in Punjab?
A) 117
B) 220
C) 122
D) 113
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Which is the main religion of people of Punjab?
A) Hinduism
B) Sikhism
C) Islam
D) Jain
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Which river divides the Majha and Doaba regions of Punjab?
A) Satluj
B) Beas
C) Ravi
D) Chenab
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The area between river Satluj and Beas is known as:
A) Majha
B) Malwa
C) Doaba
D) Poandh
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Nanak Singh Navalkar got Sahitya Akademi Award for which book?
A) B.A. Pass
B) Chitta Lahu
C) Ik Miaan Do Talwaran
D) Pavitar Paapi
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Which sports event is known by the nick name 'Rural Olympics'?
A) State Level Games of Punjab
B) Annual School Games of Punjab
C) Kabaddi World Cup
D) Sports Festival at Kila Raipur
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When did today's state of Punjab came into existence?
A) 1 November 1966
B) 13 April 1962
C) 15 August 1947
D) 1 November 1956
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Which is the only town in Punjab having majority of muslim population?
A) Nabha
B) Malerkotla
C) Nakodar
D) Shahkot
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Which of the following town of Punjab is known as "Steel Town" or "Iron Market"?
A) Ludhiana
B) Barnala
C) Mandi Gobindgarh
D) Phagwara
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Maharaj Ranjit Singh was associated with which of the following Misl (band)?
A) Phulkian Misl
B) Ramgarhia Misl
C) Ahluwalia Misl
D) Sukerchakia Misl
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Who was the first ever Punjabi author to get Sahitya Akademi Award?
A) Prabhjot Kaur
B) Amrita Pritam
C) Dalip Kaur Tiwana
D) Ajit Cour
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Which two districts of Punjab are the major producers of Mangoes?
A) Jalandhar and Hoshiarpur
B) Amritsar and Gurdaspur
C) Gurdaspur and Hoshiarpur
D) Ropar and Mohali
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Who has the record of scoring most goals in a final of men's hockey in olympics?
A) Balbir Singh, Sr.
B) Balbir Singh, Jr.
C) Dhyan Chand
D) Kishan Lal
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Which of the following freedom fighter is associated with Jallianwala Bagh?
A) Udham Singh
B) Bhagat Singh
C) Kartar Singh Sarabha
D) Rajguru
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Which of the following leaders died due to hunger strike for the transfer of Punjabi speaking areas to Punjab?
A) Sant Fateh Singh
B) Darshan Singh Pheruman
C) Master Tara Singh
D) Giani Ditt Singh
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